We highly recommend that you take a moment to read the tips below before visiting the gallery for the first time.

Especially look at the information on cropping which allows you to zoom right in on your jumper and turn a good image into a great image.

If however you just can't wait, click on http://gallery.memorabilis.com/usajr10 to "jump" right in!


If you enter our gallery from the general link, or click on "Home" while looking at pictures, you may come to our main page. Just look for the USA Jump Rope logo on that beautiful red floor and click to return to the Nationals pictures.
The largest thumbnail views are on the main gallery pages. Smaller thumbnail views, but larger individual views, are available by clicking on any of the pictures. DO NOT CLICK ON ADD TO CART FROM THIS PAGE OR YOU WILL BE ORDERING THE ENTIRE GALLERY...SOMETIMES OVER 1,000 PRINTS! Only order from individual print images as described in the following panels. Please click on the image at right for more specific tips on the main gallery page.

Once you have clicked on an image, you are taken to the gallery navigation page. This is your best place to view and order prints. This is very important: use gallery name, page number, and gallery image number (the small "normal" number on each image) to help others find pictures. However, when communicating with us we MUST have the actual image name which is the l-o-n-g but actually quite informative name as follows: yyyymmdd-hhmmss-#####x-USAJR09.jpg which is the date, the time to the second, and the sequence number of the image. All cameras were synchronized to the atomic clock within +/- 1/2 second of each other.

Also, this is VERY IMPORTANT, the pictures are displayed in the actual order taken second by second and not by station. Therefore, once you locate a picture of your jumper, you need to scroll forward and backward through the entire 1, 2, or 3 minute heat to make sure you have seen all pictures. With 5 cameras and up to 24 stations, this is simply the only way we can keep track. Please click on the image at right for more specific tips on the gallery navigation page.

When you are looking at an individual picture, hover your mouse pointer over the upper left hand corner to open up the "Add to Cart", "Send Link", and "Dim the Lights" options. Add to Cart allows you to purchase this picture. Dim the Lights allows you to see a larger image with no clutter on the screen, and Send Link lets you send a link to this specific picture to any e-mail address or addresses.

Hovering over the right hand corner brings up all the "exif" information on the photo if you are interested in knowing what the camera was doing at the time the shot was taken. Please click on the image at right for more specific tips on the individual picture page.

The slideshow is an attractive, but relatively useless, way to view pictures. That's all it does, display a slide show. You can not order from the slide show, but you can quickly jot down image numbers if you find this to be easier than using Gallery Navigation. Almost the same size image can be obtained with "Dim the Lights" without having to kick off a slideshow. Please click on the image at right for more specific tips on Dim the Lights and Slideshow.

Each time you add an image to the cart, the quantity window will pop up. At this point you are only selecting the quantity of each size that you want. Paper selection and cropping occur at checkout. We highly recommend our spectacular metallic paper. For a little bit more per print you get a glossy finish with metallic particles that make colors pop out of for a high impact look.

Please also note that we have two download options. A low resolution (suitable for team web sites, Facebook, MySpace, phones, etc.) and the original full resolution file if you want to print multiple copies yourself at a non-professional lab to save money. Please click on the image at right for more tips on Add to Cart.

Don't worry about finishing all your selections in one sitting. The shopping cart will hold your selections for up to a week.

This year, we have uploaded full resolution files so every size - up to POSTER - is available online.

Once you proceed to checkout, you are presented with the cart and each individual picture you have ordered. At this point you have three things to do:

1) Confirm quantity and/or remove any unwanted or duplicate images.
2) Adjust cropping or the picture will print exactly as shown. If buying a photo button, you MUST adjust cropping on that product.
3) Select paper either for an individual picture, or for the entire batch if you want metallic paper.

Please click on the image at right for more tips on the cart.

When you open the cropping window, you will be presented with the original image. Simply drag the corners of the cropping box in to get exactly the image you want. Perfectly centered shots are fine on speed events. For action shots, try to put the jumper off to the side about 1/3 of the way in to the image moving toward the center for a more dramatic final image. For aerial tricks, don't zoom in so tight that floor perspective is lost. Remember "Air below and air above makes a shot that you will love." You can even change the orientation of the shot from landscape (horizontal) to portait (vertical) to get exactly the view you want.

Please note - especially in speed events where 24 stations are going - the photographer was focused on whatever was in the CENTER of the picture. If your jumper is to the left or right, closer or farther, than whatever was in the center - fear not you should be able to find them in focus a few shots ahead of or behind the one you are looking at. We believe we got every jumper in every event.

Please click on the image at right for a larger view of the crop screen.

When changing the image from landscape (horizontal) to portrait (vertical) you MUST adjust the cropping to eliminate white space. WHAT YOU SEE INSIDE THE ORANGE LINES IS WHAT YOU WILL GET so if you leave white space, it will print blank.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE click on the image at right for tips on how to avoid disappointment when cropping your images!

You can crop in as tight as the system will allow you to go. If you try to crop too much, the box will simply stop. This is so you do not exceed the minimum resolution necessary to produce a satisfactory print. As you crop, you are actually "throwing away" pixels and making the pixels which remain do more work to fill the space. Please click on the image at right for additional tips on safe cropping.

If you receive an error message when you Proceed to Checkout, look for the error message in the red stripe. In this instance, a photo button was not confirmed. Photo buttons are the only product which absolutely require that you adjust zoom and crop. Text is optional but the system will not allow you to accept default cropping on a photo button. Please click on the image at right for more information on cropping photo buttons.

Please note: If you elect not to adjust cropping on any product other than photo buttons, the image will print exactly as shown.

You have selected your pictures, you have adjusted your cropping, you took our recommendation (you won't be sorry) and upgraded to metallic paper. Now all you have to do is pay. We recommend that you checkout as a guest. Zenfolio is our fulfillment partner. Registering doesn't save you that much time in the future, and produces e-mail from Zenfolio. If you register, they will give you a "free trial" but unless you are planning on building photo sites, stick with the free services like Shutterfly. At the end of the Zenfolio trial you either have to pay an annual fee, or they close your account. We highly recommend them - but only for commercial purposes. Please click on the image at right to see which form of checkout we suggest.

If you do decide you want or need a Zenfolio account, would you please be so kind as to use our referral code: V94-WF2-YQZ
This will save you money on the account, and gets us referral points.

Ready to see some pictures? Here's the link again: http://gallery.memorabilis.com/usajr10